Heritage Home School Group
  Hello All,  
I pray all is well with each of you.  
I'm just reminding you of our meeting This Thursday
 at the  Church -  downstairs - but in the new room 
 6:30 pm  we will be watching a video from MASSHOPE
 titled    "Exposing a Trojan Horse"  
about  the government funded home schooling programs.
                    an OXYMORON    
It is only 30 mins dont panic. :-)    
Then we'll have our discussion and meeting. 
 Hope to see you all there.  Call me if you  cant 
come I'd love to catch up with you all. 

MH News


Fall Conference:

The MassHOPE Fall Conference is coming on Oct 22 & 23, 2010 with Bruce & Mary Ann Eagleson. The Eaglesons serve on the board of the Alliance of Christian Home Education Leaders where Bruce is the chairman as well as leading the board of CHAP (the MassHOPE of Pennsylvania). You'll need to register so go to

Meeting Update

Heritage Home School Group
  Hello All,  
Welcome to a new school year.  
I pray all is well with each of you and 
We have decided to have our meetings 
on the Third Thursday of every month.
So the schedule is as follows: 
Thursday  September 16th at 6:30pm 
October 21st          
November 18th      
December  Family Christmas Dinner Party  
          on the 3rd a FRIDAY at 6pm  
The topics for the meetings will be 
announced If anyone wants to make suggestions
or handle a meeting altogether please let 
me know so I can put it on the Calendar.  
God bless and see you on the 16th, 

Our Statement of Purpose

Heritage Home School Group

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Heritage Home School Group is to give support to families who home school in Berkshire County. We promote membership in HSLDA. We have monthly meetings and field trips. We have a planning meeting each September and as a group decide what that years activities will be. Some years we do a play or puppet show or a newspaper. We also decide what classes will be offered for our weekly co-op. The members get involved and together we help each other achieve our educational and social goals.

Tomorrows Meeting

Hello everyone,
 Tomorrow night is our February meeting.  6:30 pm.  
We will have an Usborne book rep present with many books 
to look at and the catalog of all there books as well to 
order from.  I do believe you need the money when you 
order. I would suggest you look towards their 
educational school books rather than general leisure 
reading.  Since we all have a 20% off card to Barnes
and Noble. But their educational books are great. 
High quality.   I especially like the internet links
that are mentioned in many books.  Really cool way of
researching topics as we read about them. 
Anyway, I am also planning for the agenda, a 
discussion on creating your 12 year curriculum plan
or if just needed the 4 year high school plan.  Also
we can discuss creating your High School Transcript.
The credits each course is worth and record keeping.
Whatever you wish we can add in there as usual.  

Also, special treat planned for the kids.  A real 
life mystery to intrigue them. 

Don't forget Friday is our Valentines Dinner. 
@ 5pm  Each family is to bring a dish to
share and also valentines cards for each 
child coming.  Let me hear from each family
so I can confirm what kids will be there.  
Hope to see you there!


Meeting Update

Hello everyone,

Last night we had our January meeting. 1/19/10 Tuesday

5 families attended

  1. Teens Working
  2. Teens Driving
Great discussion topics
3. Using our group to network together to help families and friends through this tough financial time
for example. I have lots of clothes for girls size 8 down. Who could use them? What can you do to help another family? What is it you need?
One idea was a community Tag Sale this summer. Who is interested in Participating and where
would we hold it?

4. OUR NEW MEETING NIGHT - We have decided to hold the meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from now on. Most families find this an improvement. I am open to comments but after discussing this in the group we are going to try this for a while. This is meant to be a good thing.

5. February Meeting and Activities - meeting will be 2nd Tuesday 2/9th 6:30pm DUMC
We will have an USBORNE book dealer there while we have our meeting. Great school books as well as literature for reading enjoyment. One of my favorites.

Feb. 12th Valentines Party for the Families - kids should bring cards for all other kids and something like a bag or mailbox to hold their collection of valentines cards. Families should each bring Potluck dinner to share. Starts a 5pm See Terry for directions being held at a members home.

6. Other activities we are setting up are - Bowling Fridays like we had last year. Candlepin 3 games and shoe rentals for $3 person - Let me know if your interested in participating. No commitment just come the weeks you can.
Also, Swimming - we reserve the pool just for our kids for an hour $75 we all pitch in. And or you can play Basketball, have to check on rental for the court. let me know if interested.
Co-op classes starting again. Class offerings and dates and times to be determined. Do you have any suggestions or needs?
A few families want to do a play. I can't commit to do all the work on this one so we have to have some organizing from the families who want to participate. If you are interested let Terry know and she'll put you in touch with the group of parents working on this.

7. Book your hotel room for the convention NOW. They fill fast. I forwarded list of hotels and their prices. Let Terry know if you need someone to carpool with or share hotel room. Makes it more affordable.

That's it for now. It was so nice to see you all there last night. Enjoy the rest of January.