Please Pray

It seems we have made so much progress and grown so strong in the Lord. The enemy feels the need to attack and attack hard. (HSLDA) So as Christians we know the answer is MORE PRAYER.

Read the following and keep them in your prayers as well as all home schooling families and all of those brave and strong in the Lord who fight for God and (us) daily.

Update on Chris Klicka

Prayers for Chris Klicka and his Family

You may not know how different things would be now if he hadn't fought for us. Many of us have been so richly blessed by the work he has done for home schooling. His fight with MS has led him to the hospital (far away from home) and he and his family should be in our thoughts and prayers. As they assemble around him to say good bye. He is an example of faithfulnes to God.

I have heard him speak once and it was a great experience for me. He is inspiring. He never gives up (and he has faced so many difficulties with his health). He always trusts in the Lord. His books are great reading if you haven't yet. Very intelligent man.

He is such an inspiration as a Christian even without what he's done for home schooling. He is a husband and father of 7. When we talk about doing Gods work and following the path God has for us. I pray to be able to do my part. Chris Klicka has.

Songs to Learn - Words & Music


or watch this one ..


or watch this one ...

Watch and learn with the kids. My kids really enjoy practicing and watching the video.
Enjoy! See you all at practice.


September 18th, Friday - BIG E Fair - kids free
Plymouth Plantation trip - Homeschool Day

September 25th, Friday - APPLE Picking 1pm- call Terri G. for directions

October 9th, 16th and 23rd - Friday REHEARSALS FOR Singing at DUMC - 1 pm at DUMC
- Learning Lords Prayer in Sign Language as well as the 2 songs
- DONT FORGET to collect food donations for the church pantry

October 14th, Wednesday - NEXT MEETING - we will have our meeting and rehearse the songs as well
- Last meeting 9 families attended - great! Hope to see you there!