Tomorrows Meeting

Hello everyone,
 Tomorrow night is our February meeting.  6:30 pm.  
We will have an Usborne book rep present with many books 
to look at and the catalog of all there books as well to 
order from.  I do believe you need the money when you 
order. I would suggest you look towards their 
educational school books rather than general leisure 
reading.  Since we all have a 20% off card to Barnes
and Noble. But their educational books are great. 
High quality.   I especially like the internet links
that are mentioned in many books.  Really cool way of
researching topics as we read about them. 
Anyway, I am also planning for the agenda, a 
discussion on creating your 12 year curriculum plan
or if just needed the 4 year high school plan.  Also
we can discuss creating your High School Transcript.
The credits each course is worth and record keeping.
Whatever you wish we can add in there as usual.  

Also, special treat planned for the kids.  A real 
life mystery to intrigue them. 

Don't forget Friday is our Valentines Dinner. 
@ 5pm  Each family is to bring a dish to
share and also valentines cards for each 
child coming.  Let me hear from each family
so I can confirm what kids will be there.  
Hope to see you there!